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365DeepGun™ is the expertly-designed massage tool that delivers real results, allowing your body to relax, release, and recover faster than ever. The combination of vibration and percussion therapy makes the Massage Gun a perfect addition to any athlete, therapist, or fitness specialist’s recovery regimen.

Why 365DeepGun™

  • FULL BODY RELIEF & RELAXATION – Versatile Gun Features 20 Adjustable Speed/Frequency & 8 Interchangeable Rubber Massage Head Tips for Targeting Pressure Points on Neck, Back, Calf, Leg, Shoulder, Hip & More                                  
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL MUSCLE THERAPY – Powerful Portable Percussive Massager Delivers Rapid, Concentrated Pulses to the Body’s Soft Tissues for Increased Blood Flow, Fast Pain Relief, Gentle Stretching & Shortened Recovery Time                                
  • SUPER QUIET MOTOR TECHNOLOGY – Unlike Earlier Percussion Tools, Ours Delivers the Same Powerful Comfort & Relief Without Distracting Noise; Perfect for Men & Women Athletes, Bodybuilders, Runners, Swimmers & Weightlifters                              
  • OPTIMALLY SIZED FOR HOME OR GYM – Small, Compact Device Combines Every Machine Into a Single Handheld System! Replace Your Roller Ball, Kneading Shiatsu Chair, Massage Mat & Compression Massager at Once!                      
  • AWESOME CORDLESS CONVENIENCE – Stick Includes FREE Case & Quickly Recharges for Whole Body Relief Anytime, Anywhere; Great for Muscle Stiffness, Inflammation, Soreness, Range of Motion, Circulation & More



Just 5 minutes on a targeted muscle group before a workout increases blood flow to ensure optimum muscle contraction, then post-workout further percussive massage will clear lactic acid to break down scar tissue, release muscle knots and in the long term, increase range of motion.

Perfect for athletes and those recovering from an injury!


  • Revitalize Your Body With Deeply-Penetration Kneads
  • 4 Different Massage Heads To Give You Complete Variety Of Massages
  • Carrying Case To Bring To Work, To The Gym, Or Anywhere!
  • 2800 mAh Battery Keeps Your Massaging Up To 6 Hours!




Package Includes:

1X  Muscle Massager

4X  Replaceable Massage Head

1X  Charger

1X  Instruction Manual

1X Storage Box